When does the site get updated?
SOUTHERNSTROKES.COM is updated with a new film every Tuesday and Friday !

How would you describe the style of your films?
Our solo features usually begin with a short interview, then the guy strips, jacks off and cums! Once the interview is over, there’s no more talking until after the money-shot – I guess you could say it’s pretty voyeuristic. Our duo hardcore films start with a quick introduction and then the guys just go for it – there’s no interaction between them and the guys holding the camera – again, a voyeuristic style. However, the behind the scenes films allow you to see some of the weird and funny things that can happen during the shoot - we choose to keep these separate so that the main films stay focused on the action!

Do you film in High Definition – HD?
Yes all of our films are done in High Definition.

How many cameras do you use during your film shoots?
We use three cameras for all of our films. This allows us to bring you a wide varierty of shots of what's going on rather than simply editing the best bits from one camera. The result? Our films are much less "choppy" than other sites and give you the best possible views during the action!

What file types and sizes are your HD films available in?
All films are encoded using the Windows Media Player format (WMV files) and also the format for QuickTime or video iPods. There are 4 different quality sizes:

1 – for outstanding picture quality, there are “super res” versions which are rendered at a whopping 4,000kbps resulting in a file size of between 500 - 800Mb each – depending on the film length. These play at DVD quality at a native resolution of 1280 x 720. However, only the 12 most recent films are available to download in “super res” and these are only available as WMV files, not MP4 files.

2 – “high res” films are rendered at 2,000kbps and have a file size of between 250 - 400MB each – depending on film length. These still deliver superb picture quality at a native resolution of 960 x 540 and this version is permanently available to download as either WMV or MP4 files. Bonus films are only available as high resolution 2,000kbps films too.

3 – if you're in a hurry – and let’s face it – we all are sometimes, the "med res" versions are rendered at 1,000kbps and are almost half the size at about 160Mb. They're also permanently available to download at a native resolution of 640 x 360 but these are only available as a WMV file.

4 – finally, we do understand that not all of our customers are fortunate enough to have high speed internet access, so we also offer a 500kbps "low res" version in both the WMV and MP4 file types. The MP4 files can be copied on to a video iPod for mobile fun! These come in at around 60Mb each for the full length film and are permanently available to download too.

How long are your films?
Each film page now shows you the approximate duration of the main feature along with a rough guide to the high res file size. As a general rule, our main films last anywhere between 12 and 20 minutes each, with the average being 14 minutes.

Technical FAQ

I tried to apply to model, but I didn’t get an email.
Some email accounts – notably the online accounts such as Hotmail, have aggressive spam / junk filters and place our emails in your junk folder. You'll most likely find it there so please check your junk folder!

Help! My film won’t play.
Please check you are running the latest version of Windows Media Player – PC users click here for a direct link to the free Microsoft download centre. Mac users click here for a direct link to the free Microsoft download centre.

And finally,  the answers to the questions no-one has asked…

I've forgotten my password, what do I do?
If you joined via CCBill then click on the link here to visit CCBill support to retrieve your password.

I want to cancel my subscription, what do I do?
If you joined via CCBill then click on the link here to visit CCBill support to cancel your membership.


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