Jackson Reed and DinoDeFrancesco

If you've ever had a massage, you'll know that moments before stripping down and laying on the table, your body quietly tingles. It's as if your body knows what's about to happen and looks forward to that first touch. Jackson Reed is no different. In fact, as he strips down for Dino DeFrancesco, Jackson already moves slowly, relaxed, and in that pleasurable state, all in anticipation of Dino's manipulation. Dino wastes little time in getting his hands slippery with oil and treating Jackson to that much needed pressure. As Dino works Jackson's body, the towel goes by the wayside and what remains is a sexy, scruffy, tattooed young man, completely naked, with a perky ass to make your mouth water. But it's when Jackson flips over, exposing his cock, that the fun begins. Dino manhandles Jackson's privates and you can practically feel that expert touch, as if YOU were the one on the table, all slicked up and expecting that sweet, happy ending. And in the end, you can just imagine that rush of euphoria pumping through Jackson's veins.
Release Date: 08/20/2018