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Adam Barnes and Roman Capellini - I See Your Hole

Roman Capellini
Adam Barnes
Roman is the kind of stepbrother you have to keep an eye on. Growing up, he was always the one losing socks, forgetting coats and stuff like that. After our bike ride, I noticed a tear in his shorts, big enough to see his entire hairy taint and hole. I reached down and put my finger inside, and teased his ass. That made us both hard. Doing what any great step brother would, Roman went for my dick and took my big tool down to the balls. We then switched, and I tried taking as much of his hung meat into my mouth as possible, even though I'm not that good at it. But I made up for it by sliding my cock into his tight ass and fucking him good. We both shot our loads and now have a new secret between us.
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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