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Alex Axel and Roman Capellini

Roman Capellini
Young boys need a little discipline now and then, especially when they do something like get a few secret tattoos and try to hide them under their pajamas. My stepson, Roman, tried this exact thing. I caught him in the kitchen and made him lift his shirt. That's when I saw his young, tight body covered in new tats. I had to put Roman over my knees and spanked his butt. I didn't realize how nice it would feel to have my hand all over his bottom. It made me want to see how it would feel if my cock was filling up his hole. And after some hot mutual sucking, I did just that, and damn, it felt as good as I thought it would and better. It felt so good that after I let him cum with my cock still fucking his hole, I drained my balls all over his chest and tongue. I wonder what else he is hiding.
Featuring:  Roman Capellini
Release Date: 9 Weeks ago

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