Andy Ford and Noah Bailey - He Is Thinking Of One Thing

Are you a lover or a fighter? Andy and Noah are hitting the pads in preparation for their first boxing match, but it seems Andy needs a little help with his jab. Noah gets behind him and leads his arms to show how they should be punching, but they both have other intentions. They start kissing on the couch, but soon Noah is sucking on Andy's hard cock as Andy rubs his body. Noah then takes his shorts off. Andy strokes his buddy's cock before putting it in his mouth. Noah then bends over the couch as Andy slowly fills his ass with dick. Noah moans as Andy pumps his ass with shallow thrust. Noah is ready for more and takes a seat on Andy's big dick, bouncing up and down while his dick does the same. Andy then puts Noah on his back so he can stroke his cock while getting fucked. Noah dumps his load all over his belly while Andy fucks his hole. Andy then pulls out and strokes out his load while Noah licks his balls.
Featuring:  Andy Ford, Noah Bailey
Release Date: 06/04/2021