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Antu Burghos and Leon Bassi

Antu Burgos
What do you do when dreams come true? Start the next one. Well, I fulfilled one dream of starting my own massage business. The next dream was to give my stepbrother his first massage. And with no hesitation, he was down to help. Antu was at a hotel not far from my house, so I went there. He was already in his undies, so I mounted his back, added some lotion to my hands, and started the massage. I forgot to mention that my stepbrother and I fool around from time to time, and this felt like one of those times. While in just my undies, I started grinding on his ass as my hands did the massaging. Eventually, I took my drawers off and started grinding into his, which were still on, until they weren’t. After more grinding, I ate his hole before flipping him over, sucking his cock, and helping stroke out his load.
Featuring:  Antu Burgos
Release Date: 5 Weeks ago

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