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Archie Gold Solo

Archi Gold
Archie had recently moved into his own apartment, and he was excited to experience the freedom and independence that came with living alone. However, after a few weeks of being on his own, he began to feel bored and restless. He had no roommates, and his job didn't take up much of his time, leaving him with a lot of free time at home. He tried to fill his days with binge-watching shows and playing video games, but he still felt unsatisfied. One day, he decided to try something new. He started stroking his cock on the couch. He liked how it felt but craved a nice big cock. He didn't have one available, so he played with his tight hole instead as he stroked his cock. He played with his dick until warm jizz erupted from his hog.
Featuring:  Archi Gold
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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