Beno Eker and Simon Best - Fighting Hard

You never lose when you try. It's that time of year again. Beno and Simon are competing in their annual wrestling brawl for it all, where the loser has to take the other one for dinner and a movie. But this year they can't control their erections and decided to make things more interesting. When Beno wins, Simon knows just what he has to do. He pulls out Beno's cock and gets it wet by taking it as far down his throat as possible. Beno, then switching with Simon to do the same. Beno sucks the head of Simon's cock like he likes it, then bends his boy over and slowly slides his cock into his friend's tight hole. Once it's loose, Simon drills Beno's ass as Beno braces himself on the kitchen countertop. Simon then sits down on a chair so Beno can ride his meat before fucking him on the counter, this time with Simon on his back. Beno raw fucks Simon until they both stroke and spill their seed. Everybody wins.
Featuring:  Beno Eker, Simon Best
Release Date: 06/11/2021