Corey Law and Gregor Gilead

Corey Law
Gregor Gilead
My stepbrother Gregor called me yesterday and asked if I could stop by and help him with his back pain. I've been assisting Gregor with his back pain ever since we were younger. That's because I dared him to jump off the roof into a snowbank. I blame myself for what happened, so I run over when he asks. But on this day, I felt that he needed a little something more. So after working on his back, he flipped over, and I started rubbing on his legs. I took my shirt off, then removed Gregor's undies and got my hands on his cock. We jerked off together as kids, but that was so long ago. I oiled his cock up and stroked it while he laid back and enjoyed it. It was hot watching it get hard in my hand. Then I went faster and faster. His body tensed up, and then I felt him erupt in my grip. His cock pulsated until he finished cumming. Always so glad I can give my stepbrother a helping hand.
Featuring:  Corey Law, Gregor Gilead
Release Date: 26 days ago