Tim Smith and Angel Abell - Cum Get It

Angel Abell
Tim Smith
Tim wasn't interested in anything but playing around on the couch and getting his ass fucked. I didn't have anything planned that day and was down for whatever. Tim already had his dick out and was wiggling it at me like a worm on a line, and I was the hungry fish. We started kissing and stripping down our tracksuits until we were both naked. Tim was the first to drop down and get to work, which I didn’t mind. I loved how his mouth felt on my meat, but I had to give him some head too. I got between his legs and did what I did best. As I was down there, his hole kept calling me, and soon I was dick deep inside him. Fucking Tim's hole was everything, and unloading on his face was the icing on the cake.
Featuring:  Angel Abell, Tim Smith
Release Date: 129 days ago