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Pavel Sora and Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason
Imagine your stepson is getting ready to go out on a date while you sit all alone with filthy thoughts running through your mind. Who is he going out with? Another man's son? Another Dad? You hope it's a boy because the thought of your son in bed with another man is too much to bear. Suddenly, your son walks into the living room and asks your opinion. Which underwear, Dad? Your pulse races. Your cock stiffens. And you wonder. Are you finally going to have what you've wanted? Are you going to fuck your little boy? That's what happened to Pavel Sora one evening. Adorable, slender Taylor approached him with a batch of undies. The kid tried on each one, but Pavel kept shaking his head. Finally, the very last item the boy slipped on was a jockstrap. And Pavel took a deep breath. He couldn't resist. He had to touch. He had to grope. But he didn't stop there. He couldn't have, even if he wanted to. After showing Taylor how to suck cock, Pavel experienced his little boy's mouth on his own large, uncut tool. By then, Taylor was so horny he sat on his Daddy's lap and took every inch of the man's raw, throbbing shaft before getting fucked on all fours, and then on his side. Pavel ultimately fucked his son on his back, legs up and spread, watching his own cock slide in and out of his little boy's tight hole. And while looking deep into the boy's eyes, Pavel pounded a load out of Taylor, then sat back so the kid could suck the seed out of him. Taylor never did go on his date. Pavel spoiled him for any other. Rumor has it he and his son now share a bed together, and no other Dad... or boy... will ever touch Taylor again.
Featuring:  Taylor Mason
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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