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Dan Digiron and Karol Gajda

Karol Gajda
While enjoying a great day on the couch, my stepson, Karol, walked in wearing a very inappropriate outfit. I love my stepson, and sometimes he gets away with murder, but there was no way he was getting out of the house looking like that. I had to put him over my knee and teach him a lesson. I forgot how hot his ass felt in my hand. After a few spanks, my cock got hard. I told my boy to suck it, something I've trained him to do well. I was rock hard now, and his ass was ripe. I had to get a taste. He pushed it out a few times, and I slowly pushed my fingers and cock in it. Fuck, it felt so good. It's been a few years since we had any time alone. We were both long overdue. Karol stroked his cock while I fucked him on his back until he came on his belly. I pulled out and exploded on his ass. I kissed his lips, and he changed his clothes soon after. I love being a stepdad.
Featuring:  Karol Gajda
Release Date: 8 Weeks ago

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