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David Lee and Gregor Gilead

Gregor Gilead
While David Lee's wife is away, his stepson is visiting from school. This means there's no better time for the scruffy, hunky step-dad to bond with Gregor. Except that David's idea of bonding is frowned upon by most. It's all David's ever wanted, and he knew Gregor wanted the same thing. Opportunities had come up for them before, but those moments were short-lived, not to mention brief. And David didn't want a quickie with his son. At least, not the first time around. He wanted to seduce the boy. But when it came down to it, the one who did the seducing was Gregor, in his room, with the door open wide, as he undressed before his dad, who watched from the couch, across the living room. His cock hard and throbbing, David knew it was now or never. And even though he knew it was wrong, he stood. He walked into Gregor's bedroom and approached. There was nothing between them now. No mother. No other barriers. Just the two of them. Alone. And there was nothing for them to do but give in to their lust and sinful desire of Dad fucking son. David stretches Gregor open with his thick, uncut tool and bareback fucks the cum out of his little boy before delivering a load of his own.
Featuring:  Gregor Gilead
Release Date: 11 Weeks ago

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