Declan Moore - This Is For Me

Trying to please everyone is not only impossible. It's exhausting. Declan Moore knows this. Still, the bearded blond aims to try and satisfy as many people as he possibly can. But when his work day is over, there's only one person he's interested in pleasing and that's himself. And so, after a long, hard, grueling day, he comes home and strips down, exposing every inch of his slender, tattooed body. In the shower, he gets himself aroused, eventually stepping out for a solo jerk-off session. And after losing himself in the collection of dirty pics he's accumulated on his phone -- as if we weren't even there! -- the handsome, hairy stroker whips out a mighty fine load, basting himself in his own jizz and treating himself to the savory flavor of the freshly churned seed. But now he's going to have to shower all over again. Oh well. At least he didn't get any cum on his phone!
Featuring:  Declan Moore
Release Date: 12/05/2018