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Eric Lenn and Richard Hicks

Richard Hicks
Eric Lenn and his stepson, Richard, have always been very close. They have always discussed fashion together since he was very young, and it was at that point that Eric realized than Richard was gay. Since then, Eric has watched Richard grow up into a fine young man. He knows that Richard gets lots of attention when he goes to clubs, and, to be honest, he knows that Richard is a complete whore too. He loves daddy dick. Eric just wishes that for once he too could slide into his boys hole after feasting on his cock. Imagine how happy he was when Richard walked into the room in his new TwinkX clothing which had been delivered. 'Show me more' Eric said, and Richard spins around for him some more. The sexual tension between them is too much and before long Eric is touching his stepsons bulge through the black and shiny fabric. Richards hard cock escapes and Eric is all over it, finding out if it tastes as good as he always imagined. It did, and then some. Richard wants to taste some daddy dick next, so he does, all while daddy is groping his ass. Before long, Richard is deep inside his boy, getting more and more turned on thinking of how many loads his boy has taken at the club. But now he has fucked his boy and he knows he will be back for more.
Featuring:  Richard Hicks
Release Date: 8 Weeks ago

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