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Evan Novak and Jamie Kelvin - Take Me Down

Jamie Kelvin
Evan Novak
I’ve been trying all season to get my teammate, Jamie, to my house to fuck, but he wasn’t ready. Well, with the end of the season getting closer, something changed, and there we were, on my bed, wrestling until I started kissing him. I’ve only seen Jamie in the shower, but now I was groping his cock, and it was getting me so fucking hard. I pulled his singlet down and swallowed his dick. I could hear him moan, and I kept going. I don’t suck dick often, but his was great. It was then my turn to see how his mouth would feel down his throat. And damn, it felt good. He clearly has more experience than I thought. After a few minutes, I was more than ready to get in his tight ass. His hole felt so warm. I think I blacked out for a few strokes as I played in his butt. I then laid back and let him ride my dick before I pounded his ass until we shot.
Featuring:  Evan Novak, Jamie Kelvin
Release Date: 2 Years ago

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