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Gavin Becerra and Jack Moon

Jack Moon
It's been a little over three months since I've seen my step-cousin, Gavin, in person. I've been so busy with school and work that I couldn't find the time to hang out. We stayed connected via video calls, but that wasn't enough. So when he told me he wanted to give me a massage the next time I'm in his hood, I dropped everthything and ran right over. I took a shower and joined Gavin on the couch. Some might call us kissing cousins because we met before we were family and had a fling. But now, I was naked on his sofa, face down, while he rubbed lotion all over my back and legs. It felt so nice. I forgotten how great his touch was. Then he started playing with my hole, and that's when the fun started. I miss him fucking me, so his finger was just a tease. Then he flipped me over and sucked my cock until I came. I need to get over there more often, for sure.
Featuring:  Jack Moon
Release Date: 4 Weeks ago

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