Tito Amato and Jay Sheen

A cool, overcast day is the perfect time to give -- or get -- a massage. Especially when the one giving the massage is hunky Tito Amato. And since it's an unusually warm day, Tito the college frat boy has decided he'll take advantage of the weather and set up his massage table outdoors. Waiting for his client, the adorable twink, Jay Sheen, Tito is all smiles as he gets Jay to lay face down on the table. Laughing and cracking jokes, Tito starts working Jay's body before flipping him over to shave his sweet little ass. Tito leaves Jay's behind perfectly smooth. The trouble is that Jay is now far too excited. So Tito does what he does best. He gets his hands slippery with oil, and gets to work on the twink's slender body, teasing his nipples and stroking his body while Jay jerks himself off, all while running his hand up and down Tito's flat belly and muscled chest.
Featuring:  Jay Sheen, Tito Amato
Release Date: 01/08/2018