James Jacobs and Jackson Wright

Jackson Wright
James Jacobs
I try to be a good stepbrother to Jackson. I know that things haven't been easy these last couple of years, but I know that he just needs someone to talk to these days. Well, maybe that and a warm hand wrapped around his dick. Luckily, I can do both. So when he came to me after a long day, I knew what to do. We laid on the bed, and I began rubbing him and taking his clothes off. My hands started cold, but that didn't last long. Eventually, he was naked and became putty in my hands. I took his underwear off and started eating his hole. He liked how my tongue and touch felt, and I knew it was what made him feel better. Then I flipped him over and started sucking and stroking his meat. He took over and released the load he had been dying to get rid of all day. So glad I could help.
Release Date: 9 Days ago