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Jamie Kelvin and Roman Schneider - Let Me Help You

Jamie Kelvin
Roman Schneider
Roman and I needed to release some steam before our competition the other afternoon, and I knew how to do it. We arrived at my house and headed to my room. I jumped on the stationary bike, and Roman went up on the bed to do some sit-ups. I saw him working hard, and it began to make me hard as I watched his body start to sweat. He looked like he could use a hand, and so I offered. He accepted, and I grabbed his ankles. After a few more crunches, I climbed on him and kissed his lips, but that wasn't all I wanted. Roman lifted his hips. I pulled down his shorts and put his beautiful cock into my mouth. Then it was his turn to suck my dick, and I didn’t know what to expect. I enjoyed his warm mouth but wanted more, so I bent him over, licked his hole, and fucked it until I shot my load into his mouth.
Release Date: 2 Years ago

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