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Jesse Ferrer and Matteo Gomez

Mateo Gomez
I can't help but look out for my stepbrother, Mateo because he's younger and still figuring out what it's like being a young adult. We all make bad choices that hopefully help us develop into responsible adults. So when Mateo came home from a rough night, I knew I had to take care of him. I started by kissing his lips before taking our shirts off as we lay on the bed. I then got on his back and started rubbing from his shoulders down to his lower back. He's always enjoyed my touch. Then I took his underwear off and tasted his ass. Damn, I've missed my face in his smooth crack. I got naked and gave him a taste of my dick. He's improved since we were younger. We played on the bed until I helped him stroke his load out. I will always have his back and, without a doubt, his front.
Featuring:  Mateo Gomez
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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