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Martin Dajnar and Kieran Karlsson

Kieran Karlsson
Martin Dajnar looks on from a distance as his stepson, Kieran Karlsson, stuffs his colorful undies with rolled-up socks. Apparently, Kieran wants a large package but as Martin points out after walking in on him, Kieran is already a big boy. The bearded Dad pulls out the socks, tosses them aside and gropes Kieran's cock. The boy doesn't say no and Martin grows bolder. He treats Kieran to a lengthy blowjob that will leave you drooling. Soon, he stands and strips. Then it's Kieran's turn. He grabs hold of his stepdad's big cock and goes to town. Kieran sucks his Daddy's cock and even gets his face fucked for a bit. He takes his sweet time savoring the man's throbbing meat but soon ends up on his back. Martin is so hard for his son's ass he only uses spit for lube. Slowly but surely, Martin slides every inch inside Kieran and starts to thrust. With his big balls full of cum, Martin pounds Kieran and stretches out his hole. Daddy tunes out everything but the pleasure he feels in bareback fucking his little boy. In fact, Martin builds up quite a sweat as he takes his son's hole like a man possessed. Daddy fucks the cum out of his son then pulls out to explode all over Kieran with one of the largest, most explosive loads we've seen in a while. Then again, if you were the dad, and you had a son like Kieran, you'd probably cum just as much.
Featuring:  Kieran Karlsson
Release Date: 11 Weeks ago

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