Nick Sawyer and Alex Tyler - Nick Wins Alexs Ass

Do you like games? Nick and Alex are boyfriends, and sometimes they like to spice things up by playing games. This day they decided to thumb wrestle to see who was fucking who. It's no secret that Alex prefers to bottom and take Nick's thick cock. So when he is beat, he gets exactly what he is after. They both start to get undressed while kissing. Alex then takes his boyfriend's cock into his mouth and sucks on it until it's hard. Nick returns the favor by throwing his lips on Alex's fat dick. He then plays with Alex's hole with his fingers and mouth. Alex loves how it makes his prostate feel. After a little more foreplay, with Alex on his back, Nick slowly fills his boyfriend's ass with his cock. He fucks Alex rough as he likes it before he lays back and lets Alex ride him. They fuck all over the bed until they are both ready to shoot their loads.
Featuring:  Alex Tyler, Nick Sawyer
Release Date: 06/25/2021