Ollie Barn and Tyler Scott - Only For Ollie

Tyler Scott
Ollie Barn
It was only our second day working out together, but I knew there was something special about Tyler the minute I saw him. I had to find out what it was. That's when I invited him over. It took no time before we were in my room, kissing on my bed. I wanted to taste his cock badly, so I pulled his shorts down and went for it, but he was more about giving head. Tyler sucked my dick until I was rock hard and then sat down on it. That wasn't what I expected, but my cock was very happy he did. I started pounding his hole as he moaned extra loud. I knew I was hitting his spot. Then I put his on his stomach and fucked his hole some more. Eventually, we both shot a hot load, him on his body, me in his mouth.
Featuring:  Ollie Barn, Tyler Scott
Release Date: 9 Weeks ago