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Zack Hood and Curtis Cameron

Curtis Cameron
I went looking through my stepson's room for dirty clothes to wash. What I found made my blood boil. We don't have many rules in our house, but the rules we do have, I expect him to follow. No alcohol. No drugs. And no cigarettes. Naturally, I had to punish him. How else could I drive the point home? I lay the boy across my knees and started to spank his ass. His plump, tender, sexy little ass that...God help me...was turning me on. That's when I noticed the rising bulge pressing against my leg. It wasn't just me. My boy was just as turned on as his old man. Maybe it was the anger that fueled me. Or the sudden man and boy musk in the air that made my nostrils flare. I had another punishment for him. Oh, I was still angry. But instead of taking it out on his ass with my hand, I took it out on my boy's virgin ass with my raw cock. I made him ride me, with only spit for lube. Then I took him like a bitch, the way I sometimes take my wife. And after I came, I knew nothing would ever be the same between my son and me. To make sure he understood that Daddy was still the one in charge, the only man in his life, I put him in his place using his beer against him. But even as I left the room, I suddenly realized the truth. I'd been had. Curtis had planted the beer in his dresser on purpose.
Featuring:  Curtis Cameron
Release Date: 1 Years ago

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