Tom Connor and Roman Capellini - I Deserve This

The rule was clear. If you lost the soccer game, you had to give the winner a blow job. Well, Roman was getting very good at losing, but I couldn’t tell if he was losing on purpose or not. Either way, I was happy to have his mouth on my dick. He’s been getting a lot of practice, but I needed a little practice myself. I put his cock in my mouth and let him use my throat as he grabbed my hair. But today, I wanted more than just some head. I laid beside Roman and stuffed my dick in his ass. He didn’t stop me, and I knew ass was mine. The way his hole wrapped my cock was better than I thought. He then rode my cock like a jockey before I put him on his back. We kept fucking until both of us came. I can't wait till we play again.
Featuring:  Roman Capellini, Tom Connor
Release Date: 12/17/2021