Darin Boswell and Josh Cavalin - Two Very Good Boys

Did you ever fuck your high school crush? It's amazing! Darin and Josh just got back home from after-school practice and have been horny for each other ever since they showered together on the away trip last week. Now they are alone and ready to get at each other. After some kissing and touching, Darin pulls Josh's shorts down and takes his dick in his mouth. Josh loves the feeling but prefers to be the one sucking dick. Darin likes feeling the inside of Josh's throat but would rather feel the inside his ass instead. Josh couldn't agree more and mounts Darin's hard cock. They are both loving the feeling of fucking for the first time, and after a while, they flip into doggy so Darin can have his way with Josh. Josh then gets on his back so he can stroke his dick while being fucked. Darin fills his boy's hole up with cock, until Josh busts his nut, leaving his black shirt covered in cum. Darin then pulls out and strokes his cum onto the shirt as well. Good thing it's just a practice shirt.
Featuring:  Darin Boswell, Josh Cavalin
Release Date: 01/01/2021