Kaleb Cross and Roman Capellini - Why Wait

Roman Capellini
Kaleb Cross
Ever have a stranger help you out by giving you a hand? Was that hand on your hard dick? Roman is out cruising the old mill and comes across Kaleb stroking his dick on the wall. He has no choice but to go over and give him a hand. Which then leads to his mouth taking in as much of Kaleb's cock as possible. Roman gets on his knees so Kaleb can fuck his face. It's now time for Kaleb to give Roman's dick some attention as he gets off his knees and sits down on the wall. Roman loves the feeling of Kaleb's lips on his meat, but he'd prefer to be plowed against the wall. Kaleb likes that idea and slides his dick deep inside Roman's hot and ready hole. His moans lets Kaleb know how much he enjoys cock up his ass. Roman then sits on the wall with his leg's up and lets Kaleb fuck him as hard and long as he wants while he strokes his cock, until Kaleb is ready to come, pulls out and finishes all over his chest.
Release Date: 913 days ago