You every wondered what a Southern Skater looks like, then say hello to Anthony or A-Trade as he is known in his small Georgia town. Anthony is a straight country boy with all the markings you'd expect from a southern California skate rat. Anthony's tatted all over his body and he's well on his way to some big hoops in those ear lobes of his. He's got a hot toned skater's body that is naturally smooth with the exception of a small little patch between his chest and of course all around his country cock. Anthony was a bit nervous at first so we have him a little assistance and let him try out what of our new eggs all lubed up an d ready for his great big ole cock. Once Anthony got the toy in place, it was like he forgot about the cameras and his cock kept growing bigger and bigger. Once Anthony had his big shaft filled with blood, he slowed down the pace and worked his cum load up out of his balls and up his long tube until it engorged his big mushroom head. Anthony let out an "o fuck" right as he dumped a long thick load all over his smooth skater stomach.
Featuring:  Anthony
Release Date: 01/12/2018