Austin Dallas

Say hello to our hot Southern stud Austin Dallas fresh off the fields and into our living room. Austin is a masculine straight forward guy that knows exactly what he wants and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He just wants to feel good. Just like every guy in the world, Austin loves to talk about his sexual experiences like how he gets turned on fucking outdoors and especially if somebody happens to be watching. In Austin's words, I've lived in communities where guys like to watch you have sex and it is a big turn-on. Austin didn't waste any time getting naked, he stood up and peeled off his shirt and let his shorts fall and pulled out a surprisingly big ole fat country cock and a set of huge low-hanging nuts that looked to be swollen full of tasty cum. Austin started tweaking his nipples hard which had a direct affect on his big dick. Austin tweaked and stroked and with every slide of the hand, his nut sack got tighter and tighter until his cum only had one place to go. The mushroom of Austin's cock turned bright purple just before he painted his chest and abs with his juice.
Featuring:  Austin Dallas
Release Date: 12/29/2017