We've got ourselves a 21 year old Southern boy that loves to go both ways. He is a stocky 5'7" tall with a solid defined build and blond curly locks dropping down to his blue eyes. He's got this innocent look about him that is until he opens his mouth and shares some of the fun he's had. Connor's last romp with a guy was about 6 months ago and that's way to long for him. He couldn't wait to get to Southern Strokes so that he could get naked and let everyone enjoy. He unbuttoned his shirt and started rubbing his smooth chest. When he undid his pants, his rock hard cock spilled out and into his hand. Connor took his cock and fisted it as he worked it from his balls up to his thick purple mushroom head. Connor fell back on the couch and let his legs fall open so his hand could explore his hairy hole. Connor gently teased his hole with first one and then two fingers. Connor closed his eyes and imagined his hole being taken against his will as he beat his stick harder and harder. When he finally erupted, he shot an enormous stream of cum all over the room with just a drop gracing his arm. Connor is ready to cum back for more.
Featuring:  Connor
Release Date: 03/02/2018