We invited a few new guys to join us deep in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains for some fun in a secluded getaway. This young stud found out about our plans, and he stayed on us until we gave him an invite. We were certainly glad he did. Dalton is a small town boy that couldn't wait to get in front of the cameras. True to form, he has good reason to want to show off his stuff. About 8 of them. Dalton is thin but he has a nice defined stomach and sweet little round nipples. As I said, the most impressive thing about Dalton just might be the monster he is packing between his legs. The son of a bitch kept growing and growing until his shaft was pulsating. Dalton took two hands to get a hold of his now swollen cock so that he could bring it on home and release what was going to be just his first load of the night.
Featuring:  Dalton
Release Date: 08/07/2017