Donny and Easton

We made sure that we had invited Donnie back before he had even finished his solo with us a few weeks back. What we didn't do was tell Donnie what he was going to be getting himself into upon his return. I figured it was going to be better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I gave Easton a call and let him know what as up and I'm pretty sure he jumped into his car and headed over to the house immediately. They both showed up at about the same time and we let Donnie know what we had in mind. Donnie said that he was willing to give it a try but he wanted to be blindfolded. Donnie jumped in the shower and threw on a robe and sat high in the middle of the room so that Easton could have easy access to his manhood. Donnie was obviously a little turned on because his cock was semi-hard before the action even started. We blindfolded Donnie and untied his robe and left the rest to Easton's mouth. Easton worshiped Donnie's cock as Donnie moaned and squirmed in the chair. Easton dropped his own pants and pulled out his cock as he continued to worship Donnie's dick. Donnie finally rewarded Easton's hard work by letting him taste his sweet southern cum.
Featuring:  Donnie, Easton
Release Date: 10/10/2017