Easton and Ashton

From the minute Easton walked into the Lake House, I knew I had to get him together with Ashton Rush. Easton had already been to Southern Strokes and was a fan of Ashton's before he even came in to do a solo shoot for us. I also know what Ashton likes when it comes to boys and Easton would definitely be right at the top of his list. Easton had barely finished his first shoot with us when I was on the phone with Ashton to schedule their get together. Ashton always wants to know ahead of time who he is going to shoot with but this time I told him he had to trust me. I'm not sure who was more excited; Easton, Ashton or me. I always have the boys call me on the day of the shoot to confirm they are on their way. I heard from Easton first to let me know he was on his way and that he happened to be extremely horny. Everyone was ready to go with the exception of Ashton. Come to find out it was Ashton's birthday the night before the shoot so he was out late with his friends and nowhere to be found. I knew we were in for some fun when Ashton finally surfaced and apologized for keeping us all waiting. Easton said "that's ok; I'm just going to fuck the living shit out of you for making my cock wait this long." Once the cameras started rolling, it was obvious that these two were really into each other. We know how much Ashton loves to be fucked so it wasn't a surprise when he let Easton take his hole in every position imaginable. The big surprise was watching Easton's expert oral skills. It seemed as though Easton couldn't get enough of Aston's cock. Both boys were rock hard during the entire shoot. Easton fucked Ashton good and then started sucking him off as he was jacking his own cock. Easton shot his load all over his stomach as he was swallowing Ashton's hard cock. Ashton was obviously as turned on as I have ever seen him and the proof was watching Ashton shoot a huge load of cum all over Easton's face. You can bet your britches that I am going to bring these boys back again for more.
Featuring:  Ashton Rush, Easton
Release Date: 09/26/2017