Joey and Genesis

There is no question that most models are night owls so you of course know better than to schedule early morning shoots unless you have to. Our boy Genesis brings this concept to a whole other level. Joey as looking hotter than ever and Genesis was as well but I swear that I thought we were going to have to tape Genesis' eyelids open to get through the photo shoot. Once we got past the photos, Genesis was awake, primed and ready to go. The boys made out for a bit before Joey undid Genesis' pants and let them slide down so that the could get his mouth on Genesis's big cut cock. We've had the pleasure of introducing Joey to Guy on Guy action and clearly one of his favorite discovery is sucking cock. Joey's of course always loved being on the receiving end of a hummer but he never thought how satisfying it would be to have a cock in his mouth. Genesis laid Joey down on his stomach and slowly let his wrapped meat, enter Joey's tender virgin hole. Once he had Joey's hole loosened up a it, Genesis put Joey up on all fours and started pounding away at Joey's hungry hole. Genesis slowed things down for a bit causing Joey to arch his back and throw his ass higher in the air. Joey got on his back and threw his legs in the air so that Genesis could get his big hard cock deeper into Joey's anxiously awaiting hole. Genesis fucked Joey long and deep and Joey jacked is big cock until it squirted cum all over Joey's olive skin. Joey had worked up quite a thirst so Genesis whipped him a protein shake and fed it to him.
Featuring:  Genesis, Joey Vox
Release Date: 11/21/2017