Johnny and Jason D

Johnny and Jason D told us that they wanted to do something a little more daring and definitely out doors so we took them to a close by construction site and waited until the workers took a lunch break and then we moved in and let the two horny southern studs go at it. There is no question that the crew was much more nervous than Johnny and Jason. They knew that they didn't have much time so they didn't fuck around with a whole lot of fore play. Johnny took Jason's pants down and went to town on his cock so that he could get nice and hard and ready to fuck Johnny's young tight ass. Within a matter of minutes, the boys were naked and Jason had Johnny bent over the wheel and shoved his cock in deep. Johnny took control and started thrusting his ass hard back into Jason' big hard cut cock. Johnny was turned the fuck on and he was enjoying putting on the show. I'm sure they were hoping that the construction crew would make it back and catch them in the action. Johnny begged for it in every position trying to milk the cum out of Jason's nuts with his tight hungry hole. Johnny finally won out as Jason pulled out mid stroke and dumped his thick load all over Johnny's sweaty used up ass.
Featuring:  Jason D, Johnny
Release Date: 01/09/2018