Logan Taylor

We came across Logan and invited him to the Ranch along with a couple other models for a little weekend of fun. Logan is self proclaimed straight but just like most country boys these days, he ain't afraid of no cock in his mouth. It doesn't get ant better than this. O wait, we had two straight country boys up for the weekend. You have already met Austin. Logan has this rugged look with permanently stoned eyes. His smile will make you want to instantly be his slave and he is rockin a hard body. Logan loves to work out and he is a personal trainer to some of the local country folks. I think it's time for me to get myself a personal trainer. Logan is 22 years old standing right at 6' tall. When you're up next to him you just cant help but admins his muscle tone and his smooth tanned skin. I don't remember him ever having a shirt on all weekend. Trust me when I tell you Thant there was no one complaining. Logan is hot and sexy and he loves the attention his body gets him. It doesn't matter if it's coming from a girl or a guy. Logan woke up on the couch with his morning wood in hand so we grabbed a couple of cameras so that everyone could watch. Logan had no problem closing his eyes and laying back and working his cut cock. His entire body flexed as his let go of a stream of creamy white cum. Don't worry there is sure to be more from Logan. I just have to watch this country boy get fucked.
Featuring:  Logan Taylor
Release Date: 07/14/2017