Preston and Trey

It goes without saying how much I love my Southern boys but I have to say that the good ole state of Alabama has delivered us some interesting guys. Trey fits right into that mold. Trey was blowing up our email and phones trying to get an invite up to the Lake House so we finally gave in and this is what we got. Preston was our go to guy and he was an early favorite up at the Lake House so when Trey said he wanted to visit us from Alabama, we made sure that Preston was gonna be around. Trey was making the trip so that he could fell Preston's big cock inside of him. Trey couldn't wait to get fucked on camera in fact I'm pretty sure that he jumped in his car as soon as we gave him the address to the Lake House. It's hot when you get to capture a guys fantasy on tape and that is exactly what we did for Trey. Preston fucked Trey in every deep penetrating position you can imagine. The deeper Preston's cock went into Trey's hole, the more Trey needed. Preston fucked him good and long before finished Trey off and then Preston shot his big load down Trey's throat.
Release Date: 07/11/2017