Robbie Cross and Haigan Sence

I'm pretty sure that the only reason why Robbie contacted us here at Southern Strokes was so that he could get his hands, mouth and ass hole wrapped around Haigan's big ole uncut country cock. Today was the day that Robbie got what he wanted. Haigan showed up in a little bit of a rush which usually means that he is pissed off and he's going to end up taking it out on Robbie's ass. We didn't have the heart to tell Robbie what he was in for so we just kinda all ran behind out cameras and turned Haigan loose. Haigan made Robbie get on his knees and free Haigan's hard cock from his jeans. Haigan made Robbie deep throat his cock good and long until he was ready to tuck it inside Robbie's hole. Robbie got them both complete naked and jumped up on the bed on all fours and presented his hole for Haigan's taking. Haigan used Robbie on all fours as a warm up and then he turned Robbie over onto his back and Haigan literally fucked the cum out of Robbie. Robbie sprayed his chest with his cum and then he pulled out his cock and added his own spray to the mix.
Featuring:  Haigan Sence, Robbie Cross
Release Date: 11/28/2017