Our Southern boys come in all shapes and sizes and they aren't all country. Wesley is a college swimmer from the city with a tall lean body and great big ole cock and a preppy attitude that is ready to experiment further with guys. Wesley hit us up at Southern strokes so we gave him a real last minute invite to join us in the Blue Ridge mountains and to our surprise, Wesley was knocking on the door of the Lake House the next morning wearing Khaki shorts, a yellow polo and a smile that will touch your loins. Wesley is the kind of guy that goes after what he wants and he really doesn't let much stand in his way. He is straight with a nice southern girlfriend but he wants to play with boys and he really doesn't care much what anyone else thinks about it. I admire that kind of confidence and think it is really sexy. I didn't know if Wesley's cock was going to be able to get filled with blood because it kept getting bigger and bigger. Wesley teased his hole as he manhandled his huge tool which really needed two full hands to wrap it all up. All of a sudden, his legs tensed up and his abs tightened and he closed his eyes and spewed out a geyser of young southern cum.
Featuring:  Wesley
Release Date: 12/22/2017